Kyla Pratt Swears By This Brand for Healthy, Moisturized Hair

By | August 24, 2021

While Kyla Pratt was not voicing Penny Proud on TV, one of the most beloved animated girl bosses on TV, she delivered a series of timeless lines as Breanna Barnes, an actor who grew-up on our screens. Pratt spent over two decades showing the complex, exciting, and emotional journey of growing as a young Black woman. He is not done.

The actor will star in Fox’s comedy Call Me Kat this year. She will also reprise her role as Penny Proud on the return series of The Proud Family, which airs on Disney+. Pratt spends her time creating funny work for others. She also tries to be the best mother she can be for her daughters.

Glamour tells her, “You must take care of yourself in order to be the very best for your baby.” “It was something I learned a while back because of the fact that things change and you can’t focus on the baby as much as you should. But, you can’t neglect you. They are not your responsibility. That’s why I’m doing this: I’m working to improve my relationship with them so that I can be their best.

Pratt uses deep-cleansing to make time for herself and her family, even though she has a hectic work schedule. She admits that her wash day is very random. It’s when I feel that I have to clean myself completely. It’s usually weekly, or even a week and half, because I have two daughters and can’t wash my hair for myself. The whole family must be washed.

Pratt never knew that wash days were a “thing” growing up. She just kept her emotions in check and, when she needed a boost, she would turn to hair care. She says, “What’s amazing about this is that it didn’t really occur to me that there was a particular day for this.” “Like, it was just that I knew I was a big believer in energy and a big believer in how I feel. I can sometimes be in a bad mood and take a shower to wash my hair. It’ll totally change my energy.

Pratt is sensitive to pain when it comes her hair. Her routine consists of cleansing and conditioning her hair with minimal tugging. “I have always been very tender-headed, so getting my hair done can be torture.”

After much thought, Pratt decided to change her look by shaving her side. Pratt said, “Right now, I have the side of my back shaved, shaved cute.” Although Pratt loved her thick, full locks, she felt that it was becoming a distraction. “It was getting to the point that I realized I was hiding behind it. I thought I’d add some hair to cover my arms, and then I realized that I didn’t have enough. My face will be the main focal point if I trim my hair.” Another bonus: There is less hair to tug.

Pratt shares her top picks for tender-headed ladies who want to wash their hair and leave with healthy, moisturized hair.

ShampooTaraji’s conditioner and shampoo are combined in the blue bottle. The Master Cleanse treatment gives me a deeper cleanse. As a young woman, I have had to wear many weaves during my time working in the industry. I want to get to the root. It gives the scalp a minty, peppermint sensation and it feels incredible.

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