How to Have Fuller Lips Without Taking It Too Far

By | August 31, 2021

The trend in lips right this moment is big, similar to eyebrows. Big lips dominate everywhere you look, but Instagram is the most prominent place. Although there has been much debate over why this is happening, and whether Kylie Jenner is to blame, the fact is that bigger lips are trendy.

You don’t have to be Angelina Jolie to look good. Here’s how.

How to make your lips look bigger

Jenner lied to say she was using the first trick before revealing to the world that she had used lip fillers. Although you can fake larger lips with makeup, there are varying degrees of success. It is important to know how to do it correctly. Lip liner is what you need, babe.

Gilda Wabbit is a professional drag queen from Louisville, Kentucky. She explained how it works: “Take a lipstick in your favorite color, and draw the shape on your lips slightly larger that your natural lips. Fill in the shape using the lip liner, then apply your favorite lipstick. You can then smack your lips together several times. This will make your lips appear larger and can also change the shape of your lip. Overdrawing your lips can give you a defined Cupid’s Bow or more symmetry in your bottom lip curve. You can have two birds with one stone.

If possible, stick to a neutral color and ensure that the pencil tip is sharp. To create a more contoured, dimensional effect, be more heavy handed in the corners.

These products will plump your lips

Perhaps you remember from your youth certain “lip-plumping glosses” that sting like hell. There’s good news! Lip-plumping products are now not only effective, but also hurt. Some of them actually work.

Buxom is the clear winner in gloss, followed by Too Faced. Too Faced Lip Injection has been around for many years. It gets high praises for all its forms, from “extreme” to color tints. Buxom’s plumping gloss has received excellent reviews. This is a must-have for anyone who has a smaller mouth but wants to become a more confident person. Insider tip: Buxom often has smaller, portable versions of its plumping lip gloss near Sephora’s checkout counter. This allows you to try it before buying the full size.

Buxom also offers an effective, but less-known, plumping liner. It works. Don’t know how? To overline your lips, choose a shade that is close to your natural lip color. We’ll be grateful later.

You can also find creams and masks that claim to plump your lips. However, the reviews are mixed. Although they may soften, rejuvenate, or otherwise pamper your lips it is not possible to plump them.

We have it! Water! As a rule of thumb, you should always keep your skin and lips hydrated.

Learn more about lip fillers

While the old “fake ’til it makes it” approach is great, so is “one-and-done”. It’s not easy to stick with complicated lipliners and try out new gloss formulas every day. These are time-consuming and need to be reapplied frequently. Make Your Lips Look Bigger! It’s not a bad thing, many people do it.

To get the scoop on large, thick lips, we went back to Dr. Schwartzburg at Manhattan’s Skinly Aesthetics. He was the one who had told us about botox just a few weeks before. Lifehacker was told by Dr. Schwartzburg that the way you get injected, how much you inject with it, and how your lips end up looking are all affected by what you want and what your lips already have. It is crucial to know what you want and how you can ask for it. This is because you will not get what you don’t want.
Schwartzburg stated that there are many brands that can be used on the lips. She uses all of them. “I don’t use a cookie-cutter approach to choosing fillers. I consider many factors such as the patient’s goals, anatomy, and intrinsic qualities of the filler.

He also gave some tips about the best technique to use to achieve the most natural-looking results: The Russian technique.

There have been many techniques that have been described, such as microdroplet techniques, fanning techniques, retrograde and anterograde methods, injection along the superior or inferior vermilion borders, cupid’s bow and serial puncture, and linear threading. All of the above mentioned techniques have a range of drawbacks and deficiencies that can be summarized as unnaturally-looking,” he said, noting that they can result in swollen-looking “duck lips” or a “top shelf,” which happens when the vermillion border–or very top of the top lip–is obliterated and sticks out, sometimes far enough to cast a little shadow.

He explained that the Russian technique relies on injecting filler retrogradely in the superficial dermal/subdermal plan, which tents the lips and stretches them in the craniocaudal direction (inferior or superior). This is achieved by injecting linear struts in the superficial lip plane, which doesn’t allow the lips to collapse. Instead of creating an outward protrusion it creates an upward lift. This is a characteristic of traditional (and outdated at this point) injection methods.

The average person will get a lower lip because the injector will not touch the vermillion line. Before you go to an injector, make sure to confirm their knowledge of this technique. Schwartzburg said that this is a difficult technique and takes some skill. You shouldn’t let anyone practice on your face. They will be injecting your lips with filler that can take months to dissolve. Lip fillers can be temporary, but they are not permanent.

You can do a botox “lip flip” if you aren’t afraid of needles, but are anxious about filler. This affects the muscle over your mouth and slowly turns your top lip inward.

Lip flips are not always easy. They are a good option for anyone who wants to try lip augmentation, but is unsure about filler. Schwartzburg stated that a lip flip cannot create volume. It can only make the appearance of a higher, more upward-bound upper lips. Schwartzburg also noted that many patients choose a lip flip with half of the filler.

You are beautiful no matter what you do. It’s okay to have fun with your appearance.

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