How to Stop Your iPhone and Its Apps From Tracking Your Location

By | August 31, 2021

Your iPhone doesn’t have to know where you are 24/7.

Privacy as we know it may be gone but there are still many ways to protect yourself from the default tech standards of your iPhone. Apple may be the privacy champion, but you have many settings that you can tweak to hide your location from Apple’s apps and other users.

How to disable location services on your entire iPhone

Apple is all about privacy, and I can already see the CSAM arguments brewing over in the comments. This makes it easy to control which apps have access your location.

You can disable Location Services in one go. Simply go toSettings > Privacy > Location ServicesNext, disable the toggle.Services in the Location. You will see a pop-up telling you that Location Services has been turned off. However, your personal settings will be restored temporarily if you use Find My iPhone for Lost Mode. Simply tap “Turn offContinue reading

You’re done! Maybe not if you don’t need an app that uses Location Services. There aren’t many people who can live without Google Maps. Location Services can be disabled so that no apps that need your location will function. This is a bit disappointing.

How to manage location services for each app

You might prefer to adjust your location settings app by app. For more information, go to theServices in the LocationNext, go to the settings page and then click on the app whose permissions you wish to modify. Depending on which app you’re using and the features that it offers, you might see the following five options:

  • Never: The app won’t have access to your exact location.
  • Ask Next Time: When the app asks for access to your location again, it will.
  • When using the App: Only when you use the app, this grants location permissions.
  • When using the app or widgets: This allows you to access your location when you use the app or its widget.
  • Always: The app has always access to your location.

These options can vary depending on which app you are using. Facebook has “Always”, for instance, due to its perpetual tracking features such as “Nearby Friends” or “Find Wi-Fi”. CARROT, on the other hand, has “While Using the App and Widgets” because it has a widget. These settings can be changed at any time so that you don’t have too many choices.

Apple apps explain why they request location information. You can then decide if those alleged features are worth it.

At the bottom of this page, you’ll find a “Precise location” option. This allows the app to access your exact location. This feature can be disabled so that the app only has your general location. This is great for privacy but not for apps that need precise location data such as Google Maps and friend trackers.

How to stop sharing your location information with others

While we all want to keep our location secret from tech giants, it’s possible that you don’t want your friends or family to know your exact location. You had to consent to your contacts before you shared your location with them, but that’s okay.

By heading to, you can turn off location sharing.Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Share my Location. Just disable “Share my locationFind MyTapPeopleTap the contact that you wish to delete, scroll down, and tap “Stop sharing your location

System services should be disabled

Scroll to the bottom of your app list and you will find these appsServices in the LocationYou’ll see an option calledSystem Services. You’ll be able to see a list containing the services your iPhone uses your location information for. Although you can disable some of these options, many (if not all) of them will be more helpful than intrusive.

One exception could be the three choices below.Product Improvement: iPhone Analytics and Routing, Traffic,AndMaps can be improvedThese services are ones that Apple collects location information to improve its ecosystem. You can choose to opt out of Apple’s programs by disabling any and all.

There are also Significant Locations. Apple uses this feature in order to determine the most popular locations to provide location-based information to apps such as Maps, Calendar, Photos, etc. Although you can disable this option, Apple does not have access to the data. The data is encrypted at the end-of-the-line on all your devices. To disable the feature, simply tap the toggle next “Significant LocationsTap “, then tap “Turn off” Click the pop-up.

You can also delete particular entires. To do so, just tap one, tap “Edit“, then tap on the red minus sign next to the entry. You can also clear all entries by scrolling down to the bottom.Significant LocationsTap “Clear History“Tap then…”Clear History“on the pop-up

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