Nothing Ear

The hottest new tech product right now is the wireless earbuds. This product, which promises premium audio quality at a budget-friendly price, is being supported by Tony Fadell (the inventor of the iPod) and Casey Neistat (one of YouTube’s most admired vloggers). Carl Pei, the CEO of the company, has a history for this product at his… Read More »

20 Awesome Life Hacks That Will Simplify Your Life

We areBright SideWe have spent a lot of time searching for the best ways to simplify your daily life and make it more enjoyable. This list contains 20 great life hacks. They will show you how to dry clothes quickly, waterproof your shoes, amplify your phone’s speaker, and so much more. 1. From cuttings, grow roses This… Read More »

Gigabyte Aorus 17G

Many gaming laptops would look great in a steampunk party with all the lights, wings and lights. This is why the Gigabyte Gaming Laptop is so appealing to us. The Aorus is a powerful computer that fits in a slim and sleek case. The Aorus comes with the most recent Nvidia SUPER graphics cards, which are designed… Read More »


FLEXOUND Pulse chairs bring a new dimension to cinema viewing: touch. While the latest horror film could shake you to the core, the orchestral opening of the next Marvel movie will make your hair stand up. The Pulse is not a loudspeaker blasting film audio at you. Instead, speakers are built into the chair to produce sound… Read More »

SRS-NB10 Wireless Neckband Speaker

Imagine if listening to music did not have to mean shutting off the outside world. Sony’s Neckband speaker is a neckrest that rests on your shoulders and beams your audio toward your ears in a concentrated beam. The Neckband speaker has Bluetooth connectivity and a microphone, so you can make calls or listen to music from up… Read More »

10 outdoor Halloween decorations to make your house more haunted

The pandemic of 2020 gave us some extra time to bake bread, organize our bookshelves and create and purchase elaborate Halloween decorations. Let’s just say this 12-foot skeleton sold out in 2020 before October even arrived. You can see photos of people decorating the skeleton on Home Depot’s reviews. But if you’re feeling budget-conscious (or a little… Read More »

Photos: Variety of Indian teas and their health benefits

Many Indian teas have become popular all over the globe. Indian chais include the popular Masala Chai and Nilgiri Teas. Indians begin their day with hot chai. In India, chai is more than a drink. A cup of chai can lead to many friendships. You can also have endless conversations. Here are eight Indian teas with their health benefits.… Read More »

Arvind Lifestyle Brands to sell Unlimited fashion chain to V-Mart

Arvind Fashions Limited (AFL), which continues to reduce debt, made the move as it focuses on six important lifestyle and beauty brands.   Arvind Lifestyle Brands Limited, an apparel retailer, announced Thursday that it had signed a definitive agreement with retailer V-Mart Retail Ltd. to sell its Value-fashion Retail Chain Unlimited for Rs150 crore in… Read More »

Best Lifestyle blog

Blogs are my favorite thing! Since 2013, I have been reading lifestyle blogs since 2013. While I do have a few favorites I read, I am always looking for new blogs. Practically, I enjoy reading blogs that offer tips and tricks for personal finance and business. However, I love lifestyle blogs that offer amazing inspiration. What is a… Read More »

Beyoncé Just Made History With Her Tiffany & Co. Campaign

Jay Z and Beyonce–the closest thing to American royalty-looking stars in a new Tiffany & Co. campaign called About Love–are looking regal (and very HOT). Mason Poole took the photos of Beyonce in luxury jewelers campaign. The black gowns she wears are an iconic, modern interpretation of the one Audrey Hepburn wore in Breakfast At Tiffany’s. Beyonce… Read More »